A couple of weeks ago we learned that Fox was planning on moving ahead with the sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service, with writer / director Matthew Vaughn currently working on the screenplay. There was just one tiny issue: Kingsman made a leading man out of Taron Egerton, and his commitment to starring in Robin Hood: Origins for Lionsgate was causing a bit of a conflict. It seems that the conflict has been resolved, but unfortunately for Lionsgate, their Robin Hood movie is going to have to wait.

As we reported previously, Fox has a Kingsman sequel option with Egerton, which means that his obligation to Kingsman 2 takes precedent over any other projects. While it’s still unclear if Vaughn is returning to direct the sequel (it would be the first time he’s directed a sequel to his own film), THR reports that the filmmaker has exercised his option on Egerton, forcing Lionsgate to delay production on Robin Hood: Origins.

Kingsman 2 is set to begin shooting in April, with only Egerton so far confirmed to return. Robin Hood: Origins (a gritty origin story, as the title suggests) was originally scheduled to begin filming in February, with Lionsgate expecting a lengthy production period. It was also reported today (via Deadline) that Vaughn is in talks to direct sci-fi action flick Ascension for Fox, but it seems likely that the studio would like Vaughn to make Kingsman 2 a priority before attaching himself to any other future projects.

In addition, the latest report suggests that Egerton has also signed on to star in the indie crime drama Crooks County, which centers on an FBI whistleblower in the ‘80s.

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