Regardless of where you fall on the current state of late night, Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show never lacks for bizarrely enjoyable stunts. Now, the same week that brought Hawkeye’s ode to himself sees Welcome To Me star Kristen Wiig stopping by the Tonight Show as Game of Thrones’ Khaleesi, for … reasons!

Decked out in full Daenerys Targaryen with a shoulder dragon to match, Wiig’s bizarre Tonight Show appearance brought out all the giggles in Jimmy Fallon, as the two attempted to one-up each other on improvised answers. It’s the same basic schtick Wiig had with Fred Armisen on Weekend Update, or Will Ferrell at the Golden Globes, but this time with dragons!

To be fair, it’s also something of a recurring bit for Wiig specific to Jimmy Fallon, having appeared on Late Night in 2013 as Michael Jordan (yes, that Michael Jordan) and last year as One Direction’s Harry Styles.

Wiig also brought along a clip from new feature Welcome To Me, which features the SNL alum as a lottery winner who starts up her own daytime talk show with the winnings. Does it in fact feature Wiig dressing as Game of Thrones characters with various late-night talk show hosts? These are questions, casual reader. These are questions.

You can check out Wiig’s Game of Thrones interview with Jimmy Fallon above, and catch Welcome to Me in select theaters starting May 1. It’ll be a good day for movies.