First 'Smallville' set out to tell the tale of Superman before the days of donning a cape and tights, then 'Gotham' borrowed the idea to show Batman's earliest beginnings, but could 'Krypton' go back even further into DC mythology? 'Constantine' and DC's David S. Goyer has reportedly begun development on a new 'Krypton' TV series, which may well tell the origins of Superman's pre-origins.

Keep this one in mind with about 80,000 grains of salt for now, but where Bleeding Cool also brought initial reports of the 'Supergirl' TV series or the proposed 'X-Men' franchise series, the outlet now claims 'Krypton' to be in the works, with 'Man of Steel' scribe Goyer attached in some form. However, no information beyond the 'Krypton' title has been revealed, leaving any number of topics related to Kal-El's doomed homeworld up for grabs.

Much as it makes us LOL from week to week, FOX's 'Gotham' has shown at least some success in mining the location of DC's most famous heroes, which could-well have inspired a closer look at Krypton's role in Superman's origin. After all, we've seen DC throwing about every potential property at the wall for new TV series, from 'Supergirl' to 'Titans,' so it might make a degree of sense for 'Krypton' to explore a new corner of the mythology not necessarily in play for the ongoing 'Batman Vs. Superman' cinematic universe.

It isn't a lot to go on for the moment, but what do you think? Would you be at all interested in exploring Superman's homeworld as an ongoing TV series. What stories might 'Krypton' have to tell, if Goyer moves beyond the development phase?