We haven’t heard very much from Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter after the public cancellation of FX followup The Bastard Executioner, and less so on the proposed biker spinoff, at least until now. A new update from Sutter indicates the Mayan-focused Sons of Anarchy spinoff is moving forward, potentially even scouting locations as well.

Where previously Sutter’s involvement in the biker spinoff was tied up in The Bastard Executioner’s international production, the controversial creator indicated over Twitter that Sons of Anarchy spinoff news would be forthcoming:

Moreover, another recent report from ComicBook.com suggested that Sutter and wife/star Katey Sagal had difficulty scheduling an appearance at Space City Comic-Con in Houston, potentially owing to the series:

They’ve said ‘yes’ they want to come; they’re excited. Their problem is that they’re scouting locations for their new series, they don’t know their schedule yet; their schedule changes day by day.

Last we heard, the spinoff was set in the present day, potentially allowing for occasional crossover with surviving Sons of Anarchy characters, but also exploring the biker subculture through a Spanish point of view. Sutter also mentioned his intent to hire a showrunner fluent in the culture, rather than infuse his own experiences, though FX bosses also indicated in January that Sutter was “starting to re-engage” with the project.

It remains to be seen exactly how much involvement Sutter might have, but will any new spinoff details emerge in the coming weeks? What should we hope for from another Sons of Anarchy ride?

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