The pickup of Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter’s FX followup The Bastard Executioner seemingly put to rest any immediate notion of an Anarchy spinoff (or prequel miniseries), but it seems you cant keep a good motorcycle gang down. Sutter has reportedly begun work on a spinoff after all, one focused on the Mayan motorcycle gang featured heavily through the series.

Entertainment Weekly broke word of the potential spinoff, though it isn’t yet known if a Mayan Sons of Anarchy series would pick up after the events of series finale “Papa’s Goods,” or perhaps focus on a different point in the gang’s history. The Oakland-based Hispanic MC gang both clashed and allied with SAMCRO repeatedly over the series, keeping hands in both heroin in prostitution, and bearing the “Los Asesinos de Dios,” or “Assassins of God” on their leather vests.

Sutter had previously discussed the possibility of a prequel Sons of Anarchy series focusing on the “First 9" members of the charter, though plans were shelved in order to allow Sutter time for new projects. It remains unclear how extensively Sutter might be involved with the new iteration, beyond development.

Well, what do we think? Would a Sons of Anarchy spinoff focusing on the Mayans serve fans’ continuing interest in the show? What point in history might the potential series pick up with?