Hope for a Friday Night Lights reunion, movie, or what-have-you seems largely to have died down in the wake of Kyle Chandler’s repeat disinterest, but don’t lose faith in seeing Coach Taylor again. The Bloodline star has some clear eyes and full hearts yet, reprising the character for a new PSA about all those damn teenagers at the movies.

Alamo Drafthouse debuted a new PSA for its infamous crusade against the presence of phones in movie theaters, recruiting Chandler for the effort. In the brief spot, Coach Taylor tries his damnedest to deliver another rousing locker room speech, only to find himself interrupted at every turn by those smarmy millenials and their endless texting.

Clear eyes, full hearts … turn your goddamn cell phones off!

Of course, Chandler’s belated reprisal of the famous roll will spin the wheels of resurrection rumors once more, especially now that Taylor Kitsch isn’t doing anything worthwhile, and all manner of former Panthers might become available. Sadly, NBC already has an old Coach in development.

You can check out Chandler’s Friday Night Lights return above, turn off your damn cell phones at the theater, and weep, weep through your clear eyes.