The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow will take their first official flight with tonight’s premiere, just a scant trip or two to 1975, but the DC drama will get much weirder with its comic canon in upcoming episodes. To wit, we now know for sure an upcoming will introduce Green Arrow legacy character Connor Hawke, and very likely the episode to do it.

We’d heard a few months back that the Arrow-Flash spinoff might introduce an iteration of Connor Hawke, canonically the child of Oliver Queen and his African-American/Korean college girlfriend Sandra Hawke, though at the time reports claimed the character would have no direct lineage to The CW’s Oliver. Specifically, casting had called for “an African-American or biracial male who decides to put on the uniform of a missing hero who once stood for justice and hope.”

Meanwhile, a new interview with Entertainment Weekly sees Legends producer Marc Guggenheim directly discussing Connor, as well as some of the timey-wimey rules that allow him aboard:

Part of the conceit of the show and going all throughout time is the fact that we can visit all these different corners of the DC Universe. The show functions on a lot of different levels, but one of the levels it functions on is as a love letter to the DC Universe, and Connor is a great example of that.

Adds executive producer Phil Klemmer:

We can go back and see the pre-history of both Arrow and Flash, and we can also go and see what season 50 of Flash or Arrow would look like. But if we return to Star City or Central City, what we’re looking at is not just the future, but an It’s a Wonderful Life future, because in this future, our guys have been gone for 50 years. They left in 2016 never to return.

Klemmer also teased a future version of Star City in an interview with KSiteTV, more than likely our encounter with Connor Hawke (and potentially an older version of Oliver) in the season’s sixth episode:

We do have plans to visit Star City in the fairly distant future, to see the consequences of the removal of our Legends from their own timelines. We will get a Ghost of Christmas Future in Star City. But we do not have plans as of yet to see any of the dead Queens or Tommy, no … That episode is number 6, and it’s called “Star City 2146.”

Granted, the year 2146 would take some explaining to involve an older Oliver (bosses at least confirm the series will feature older or younger versions of Oliver or Barry at some point), it seems most likely our time to meet Connor Hawke, as well to explain this shot of Oliver’s abandoned lair from the trailer:

Legends of Tomorrow Trailer Arrow Lair

In the meantime, catch the premiere of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow later on tonight, and stay tuned for the latest.

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