Hit and miss though Legends of Tomorrow proved in its first year, Season 2's introduction of the Justice Society of America is too tantalizing to ignore. Enter our first new series regular for Season 2, as Minority Report alum Nick Zano takes on a role maybe-kinda-sorta related to DC hero Commander Steel.

According to Deadline, Zano will take the role of Dr. Nate Heywood, a historian whose grandfather was Commander Steel, a member of the Justice Society of America. In the comics at least, Nate eventually takes up the role of Steel (or Citizen Steel, neither of which have anything to do with the Superman version), while The CW is keeping mum as to whether Zano’s character takes up a heroic mantle. Come on though, look at that jawline.

Worth noting, the series was previously said to be casting a 20s-30s male to play someone grown up “in the shadow of his World War II hero grandfather and has used a Han Solo-like facade to conceal his insecurity — until, that is, the development of super powers enables him to live up to his family legacy.”

Still unknown is the casting of our new Vixen, one of several new heroic characters added to replace Ciara Renee and Falk Hentschel’s Kendra and Carter Hall. Patrick J. Adams will also likely appear as Hourman, following his arrival in the first Legends of Tomorrow finale.

We’ll hear more on the road to Comic-Con, but what do we make of new Legends of Tomorrow changes going into Season 2?

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