DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will receive a major overhaul for Season 2 (it could probably use it), and ahead of that beloved mystery character joining the finale, we know of two other heroes joining for Season 2. Get ready to meet a charming superpowered scoundrel and a female World War II hero with two new additions to the cast!

Just like Season 1 played a guessing game with the newest additions to the team, so too have some new mystery figures been added to the list behind Patrick J. Adams’ caped hero. Per TVLine, Legends is seeking a 20s-30s male to play someone grown up “in the shadow of his World War II hero grandfather and has used a Han Solo-like facade to conceal his insecurity — until, that is, the development of super powers enables him to love up to his family legacy.”

No idea! Great, who’s next?

Also being cast for Legends Season 2 is the female member of an elite paramilitary team living in the 1940s. An African-American, she is scrutinized in her time for both her gender and race and thus has worked twice as hard to be a perfect soldier. That said, she blames herself for — and aims to avenge — the death of a team member for whom she had repressed feelings.

Sure! Either way, both characters are eyed for series regular roles, but don’t let that necessarily get you nervous for the current cast. Most, if not all of the core team has been eyed to return, however different Season 2 aims to be from its predecessor.

Legends will continue this week with “River of Time,” but who might the latest additions to the team represent?

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