The first run of FX’s Legion may have come to a close, but don’t expect the “Devil With Yellow Eyes” to sit out Season 2. See how The Shadow King was brought to life with a new makeup featurette detailing its terrifying look.

FX released a new look behind-the-scenes of Legion Season 1, as special effects makeup supervisor Todd Masters walks us through the design for David’s psychic parasite. Naturally, there are (gross) real-life inspirations for the character’s awkwardly-shaped bulge, and the final design ended up almost entirely practical, underneath layers of makeup.

The finished performance owes to Vancouver comic enthusiast Quinton Boisclair, whose 6'8" stature and slender frame gave the creature an unusual look, to carry such a corpulent torso with unnaturally thin arms and legs. The headpiece involves only six different pieces of foam latex, while the overall process ran about four and a half hours.

Even as the Shadow King seemed to spend more time in its Aubrey Plaza form as the season wore on, it’s a good bet we’ll be seeing this version again in Season 2, if not our nightmares. Check out the latest on Legion Season 2, and stay tuned.

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