Logan is understandably geared toward saying goodbye to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine moreso than Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier, but there’s a certain finality to this chapter of the X-Men universe regardless. Stewart in particular is open to the idea of returning for a Deadpool sequel, but perhaps more pressingly, now says he’d be willing to drop by FX’s Legion.

You’re warned of potential spoilers for both Logan and Legion from here on out, but where Deadpool would have an easy enough time explaining a Stewart cameo outside the fourth wall, Legion might actually end up featuring Charles Xavier in a major role. The character is noted in comics as David Haller’s biological father, though Legion creator Noah Hawley has been cagey about featuring any actual X-Men characters, even in canon.

Still, the possibility was raised during both Stewart and Legion star Dan Stevens’ visit to James Corden, during which Stewart was more than excited for the Legion “job offer,” saying “Absolutely! One hundred percent.” The first season of FX’s mutant drama has long-since wrapped production (and isn’t technically renewed for Season 2 yet), though David’s father will surely continue to weigh on the series.

In any case, Legion will air the first of its final four episodes this Wednesday, so stay tuned to see if Stewart agrees to a cameo. Kind of an age difference, admittedly.

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