Leonardo DiCaprio has never won an Oscar. We’ve heard this narrative time and time again, especially as he inches closer and closer to finally winning an Academy Award for his work in The Revenant, but it’s time for us as a people to stand up and do something about it. OK, maybe just sit down and do something about it. And by “do something” we mean play a video game. Yes, in Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage, you can finally help the unlucky actor chase down that elusive Oscar. If only you can avoid getting bumped by Lady Gaga.

Created by The Line Animation, Red Carpet Rampage is a playable, side-scrolling game that casts you as Leonardo DiCaprio, sprinting down a red-carpet and trying to catch a floating Oscar as it races ahead of you. Along the way you have to jump over paparazzi, race Bryan Cranston, collect Golden Globes for power-ups and avoid Lady Gaga who is trying to knock you off course. In between, there are mini-games like “Find the Black Nominee” (hint: this is one level you can’t win) and “Act Harder”.

If you need some tips on how to win this game, here’s a big one: don’t try too hard. Unlike the real DiCaprio who may finally get Oscar glory, 16-bit Leo can never get his hands on the prize.