Last week’s Logan trailer showed a very different vision of Marvel’s favorite mutant, about as far cry from an X-Men movie as we ever expected. If you feel the third Wolverine movie could use a bit more yellow spandex, however, check out this fan mash-up of the Logan trailer with Wolverine’s animated counterparts.

YouTube user Philysteak made our obligatory mashup of the Logan trailer with material culled from several generations of animated X-Men series. The lion’s (Wolverine’s?) share of material comes from the iconic ‘90s X-Men: The Animated Series, though as X-23 was actually created for the shorter-lived X-Men: Evolution animated series, Wolverine himself goes through some notable animation changes.

Not for lack of irony, the trailer also uses some of the animated “Days of Future Past” episode for an older Logan overlooking the X-Men’s graves, despite Logan officially taking place after Bryan Singer’s Days of Future Past adaptation, in which Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine was still relatively un-aged.

Either way, check out the trailer for yourself above, along with the actual Logan trailer below, and stay tuned for plenty more on the road to its March 3 release.

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