O.B. of the TVA says he learned everything he knows from a scientist named Victor Timely. But then Victor Timely shows up in the TVA and says he learned everything he knows from reading the TVA Handbook, which was written by ... O.B. It’s basically a giant ouroboros situation — so no wonder that O.B.’s full name is, well, ouroboros.

That’s just one of the many secrets, hidden details, and little Marvel Easter eggs you might have missed in Episode 4 of Loki Season 2. We’ll also examine the all-important empty coffee cup scene, spot the tiny reference to the original Jurassic Park, point out the other ouroboros in this episode that closest a time loop that appeared in the first episode of the season, and try to figure out what that that shocking cliffhanger ending means for the final two episodes of Loki this year. Watch the full breakdown video below.

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