The ten-year development of Netflix’s Making a Murderer left it all-but-impossible to envision what format a second season would take, especially as new headlines from the case continually alter the narrative. Netflix’s immediate plan is as open a mystery as the Teresa Halbach case itself, but it seems filmmakers Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi are already editing together new episodes.

The pair offered a few updates from Fortune‘s Most Powerful Women Next Gen conference this week, including their hopes that the initial Making a Murderer series wouldn’t necessarily influence federal judges reviewing aspects of the case. Subjects Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey have made numerous headlines over the last year, including Dassey being denied parole for his overturned conviction at the last moment, though the piece notes that Demos and Ricciardi have assembled cuts of at least some new episodes:

Fans of the show have reason to rejoice: Two more episodes are being edited right now, as the story is still unfolding. (They gave up no spoilers—sorry.)

For those unfamiliar with the documentary, Making a Murderer follows the case of Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man convicted of a brutal assault and sent to prison for 18 years, only to be exonerated by DNA evidence. Soon enough into a public civil case for justice reform however, Steven found himself accused of the murder of young photographer Teresa Halbach, and subsequently railroaded through a lengthy trial under especially dubious circumstances, and apparent corruption at every turn.

It’s entirely possible that Netflix might release smaller chunks of episodes to update on the case (akin to the coming Sense8 Christmas special), especially given the ongoing upsets that could reshape the process from one episode to another.

Netflix had no official comment on Season 2, or the episodes in question, but we’ll update with any clarification.

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