Everything about 'Man of Steel,' from the goosebump-inducing trailer to the slew of promotional material, has us psyched to see Superman return to the big screen. And now, as we're nearly a month away from actually seeing this latest reboot of the saga, Warner Bros. has delivered a brand-new 'Man of Steel' poster banner and some inspirational words from our hero's birth father, Jor-El (Russell Crowe).

"In time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders." These were the words spoken in that very first teaser trailer back in the day, voiced by Crowe, and it's these same words that now accompany the new 'Man of Steel' poster. The film takes that riveting initial image of Superman (Henry Cavill) rocketing into the sky and immortalizes it in banner form. We're definitely hoping we get our hands on this one.

'Man of Steel' follows Superman's journey from a lost, wayward soul looking for his purpose in life to becoming humanity's savior. He'll have many challenges to face, including Michael Shannon's General Zod and his army of Kryptonian warriors, but, hey, he's Superman! He's got this.

Check out the new banner below and be sure to check out 'Man of Steel' in theaters June 14. (Click the image to download your own hi-res version.)

Warner Bros.