It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's Superman... starring in two new teaser trailers for 'Man of Steel.'

Moviegoers seeing Christopher Nolan's recently released 'The Dark Knight Rises' are getting front row seats to one of the dueling versions of Zack Snyder's Superman reboot trailer.

Although both feature soft music and graceful landscape shots instead of the fist-punching, bullet-dodging action we all crave, each offers some heartfelt advice from one of our superhero's dads -- one piece from Jonathan Kent, his adoptive father played by Kevin Costner; and the other from Jor-El, his biological dad played by Russell Crowe.

Whether it's Kent prepping Clark to make his own choices and mistakes in life, or Jor-El giving him the confidence to be mankind's savior, both get us pretty pumped by the time we see Superman rocketing through the sky. But which one works better as a trailer? Watch both of them below and vote for your favorite in our poll at the bottom of the page.

Watch the 'Man of Steel' Trailer featuring Jonathan Kent

Watch the 'Man of Steel' Trailer featuring Jor-El