The Man Without Fear returns to New York as Marvel's Netflix 'Daredevil' formally unveils the first of the 'Defenders' at New York Comic-Con 2014. We're on hand with Marvel TV heads and the entire Netflix cast for a first look at the new superhero drama due out in 2015, so what does Marvel's 'Daredevil' bring to the stage for its first official unveiling? Check out our full panel report for the inside scoop on Marvel's Netflix 'Daredevil!

Before formally introducing the cast, Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb gave an impassioned thanks to the city of New York, not only for hosting the con, but its heroes as well. Loeb also debunked the rumors that either Jessica Jones or Luke Cage had been cast, something we’d heard in recent weeks.

The first clip begins heavily in darkness, as a nervous Karen Page enters her apartment, and retrieves a thumb drive hidden away. Out of the shadows, a man with a knife attacks her as rain beads down on the windows from outside, when who should enter, but Charlie Cox’s Daredevil! Mind you, he’s not wearing any official outfit at this point, but more of a Miller-inspired stealth outfit, resembling the one Murdock wore in the ‘Trial of the Incredible Hulk’ movie as well.


The fight feels particularly brutal, with close-quarters action and no CG radar senses augmenting anything, before Matt launches both out a window into the rain-soaked street below. Later on, Loeb would show the second half of the fight scene, which inserts a flashback to Matt’s past with his father, as the man urges his son to “get to work,” lest he end up like him. The fight sequence continues for several minutes in the rain, before Matt finally incapacitates the man with a chain around his neck. Matt takes the thumb drive and promises Karen he’ll get it to the right hands, though she pleads that not even the police can bet trusted.

After the clip, Loeb revealed that Rosario Dawson (who sadly couldn’t attend the panel) would be playing Claire Temple, better known as Night Nurse. The next sequence saw Matt awakening in Claire’s apartment, with her tending to his wounds, having found the bleeding Matt in a dumpster. Matt refuses to go to a hospital, though Claire too insists that it best he not know her identity either.


A few bullet points from the cast’s question and answer sessions:

  • Matt Lloyd of ‘Fargo’ will be providing the cinematography for ‘Daredevil,’ which had a very noir, shadowy tone in almost all of the scenes shown. The entire thing looks very much like the 13-hour movie producers claim, rather than a weekly TV series.
  • Vondie Curtis-Hall has been added to the cast as reporter Ben Urich, joining Ayelet Zurer as Vanessa (not yet Fisk), Bob Gunton as Leland Owlsley (The Owl).
  • A third scene showed Vanessa meeting Wilson Fisk at an art gallery, as Fisk fixates on a nearly all-white painting. Vincent D’Onofrio described his character both as a child and a monster, while the show would chronicle his rise into the more familiar Kingpin character, as Vanessa brings him more out of the shadows.
  • Stephen S. DeKnight talked about the moral grey areas to the show, calling Matt Murdock “one bad day away from being Frank Castle.” Kind of a telling reference, wouldn’t you say? What a punisher, that guy.
  • Deborah Ann Woll took no breaks in between ‘True Blood’ and ‘Daredevil,’ leaving on a Monday morning and joining the ‘Daredevil’ set on a Thursday. Woll also downplayed suggestions that Karen would always be in danger, saying she is danger herself, and remains very determined.
  • An additional scene showed Karen cooking for Foggy and Matt in their sparse offices, with plenty of sparks flying between she and Matt. Matt references having gotten Karen out of a cell, insisting she did so herself by telling the truth. Karen asks for a job to improve their operation, happily accepting the gig without any pay.
  • “Vincent, you were my first Thor.” “And you’re my first Thor fan.”
  • Cox talked about the transition from HBO to Netflix, adding that he liked how Netflix episodes needn’t necessarily end with a cliffhanger for the next week, or waste time catching viewers upon the previous episode.
  • Will there be an ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ connection for ‘Daredevil’ or any of the other defenders? Jeph Loeb brushed off the question by referring to it as a Level 7, but added that old Marvel standby, “it’s all connected.”

Well, what do you think? Photos from the series have made their way online, with footage hopefully to follow, but is Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’ Marvel’s most authentic project to date? Stay tuned for more from

New York Comic-Con 2014, and tell us what you think of Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ in the comments!

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