Marvel’s Netflix series came to an anticlimactic end in the summer of 2019, following the third season of the popular Jessica Jones TV series. The shows — DaredevilLuke CageJessica JonesIron FistThe Punisher, and the crossover series The Defenders — were the first attempt to extend the Marvel Cinematic Universe into television back in 2015, and were heralded as a huge deal at the time.

In practice, the shows were kept almost entirely separate from the film side of things, and eventually the division at Marvel that produced its television series was collapsed into its movie group under Kevin Feige. Then the company’s focused shifted from making shows for other streaming services to making them for Disney+. At that point, the Netflix shows’ fate was sealed. After four years, the Netflix MCU was kaput.

The characters were essentially ignored by the MCU for two full years, but just in the last few months, they’ve made a surprising comeback, with Charlie Cox’s Daredevil turning up in a cameo in Spider-Man: Far From Home and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin showing up as the villain in Hawkeye. But if those appearances made you curious to go check out those Netflix series you’d better hurry. It appears that all of Marvel’s Netflix series are leaving the service at the start of next month.

GamesRadar first noticed that the shows were airing with a new warning reading “This show is available until March 1st” when played in the U.K. I just fired up my personal Netflix account and looked — and sure enough, the same warning appears here in the U.S. when you play episodes of DaredevilThe DefendersThe PunisherLuke Cage, and Iron Fist. (For whatever reason, Jessica Jones did not play the same warning on my account; maybe it’s sticking around longer.)

Here’s what I see on my account when I play them:


If the shows really are leaving Netflix, the next question is where they might turn up next. Their content is likely too adult to appear on Disney+, but they would make a valuable addition to Disney’s Hulu service, which is the streaming home of much of the company’s more mature material. And the timing of all of this, with the shows finally being acknowledged in the real-deal Marvel Cinematic Universe films and shows, is certainly interesting as well. Regardless, if you want to do another (or a first) Marvel Netflix binge, now is the time.

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