When his last film was delayed for nine months so it can be post-converted to 3D, and it's made public that the movie has huge problems, you wouldn't expect Jon M. Chu to work again anytime soon after the headaches of 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation.' But it looks like Sony has him in talks to bring 'Masters of the Universe' back to the big screen.

This comes from Deadline, and it would seem then that there is a script for 'Masters' that producers are happy with. They also mention that Chu is prepping to shoot a couple of additional scenes for 'Joe.' Chu is an odd choice after the year he's had, but it's also possible that he did a good job with 'Retaliation,' or that the film is perfectly serviceable, or all sorts of things. It's impossible to assign blame for how bad a film is when it's yet to be released.

'Masters of the Universe' began as a toy line from Mattel, who increased the toy's success with tie-in cartoon that ran throughout the 1980's. Both were so profitable that it eventually spawned a movie in 1987, which starred Dolph Lungren and Frank Langella and was produced by Cannon films. This is good for Chu (if he gets it), as the bar has been set exceedingly low.