What do you do when Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne throws you a stern, smoldering look? What if that same look comes with the dangerous raised eye-brow of a stealthy assassin? You turn around and quickly, but calmly run the other way.

Entertainment Weekly debuted the new photo from the still-untitled fifth Bourne film. After eight years, Damon is reprises his titular character with director Paul Greengrass. Not a ton is known about Bourne 5, but Damon did tell EW that what's happened since the last time you saw him in The Bourne Ultimatum will inform the events of the new film. Damon said "the financial collapse, the great recession, all these issues of cyberwarfare and civil liberties" in recent years will all be in the backdrop to Bourne 5. “We find him in a dark and tortured place,” he added of his character.

Earlier this fall producer Frank Marshall tweeted a photo of Damon looking ready to fight on the set of the movie. Greengrass' film will also feature the return of Julia Stiles as well as franchise newcomers Alicia Vikander as a cyberspecialist, Tommy Lee Jones and an old-school CIA agent, and Vincent Cassell as the villain. The untitled Bourne opens July 29, 2016.