The world was essentially Matt Weiner‘’s oyster after the successful completion of AMC’s Mad Men, and no one necessarily expected a TV return so soon. After the odd job of directing Orange Is the New Black, Weiner now has in mind to direct an anthology series for Amazon, scoring a Don Draper-esque payday in the process.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Weiner will write and executive produce the untitled new series, with an aim to direct half of the eight-episode order. Few details are known, but the concept is said to be that of “a contemporary anthology that is set in multiple locations across the globe.”

Not unimpressively, Weiner landed a $70 million commitment for the series, set to be  co-financed by Amazon and The Weinstein Co., as opposed to the Mad Men creator’s previous home at Lionsgate. It isn’t immediately clear if Amazon will release the new series all-at-once or week by week, as Weiner is on-record as stating he’d prefer any future projects keep to the latter format.

We’ll learn more details in the coming months, but what anthology might Weiner have in mind to follow Mad Men?

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