'Chronicle' writer Max Landis' latest project is sewing itself together quite nicely. His adaptation of 'Frankenstein' at Fox has just signed 'Lucky Number Slevin' director Paul McGuigan to bring the story to life.

Variety reports that Fox's 'Frankenstein' project -- one of like, 40 currently in development at various studios -- has signed director Paul McGuigan. Written by young scribe Max Landis (son of director John, in case you were wondering), the project was originally intended as a Shawn Levy vehicle, denoting that the project is likely somewhat comedic in tone.

It's also being reported that Levy wanted a considerably larger budget for the film, but Fox is looking to make something a little more conservative in scale. Working with director Josh Trank on 'Chronicle,' the pair were able to put together a visually exciting film for the relatively low cost of $15 million -- the film went on to gross over $100 million worldwide. It would appear that Fox is looking for a repeat performance with 'Frankenstein.'

Landis' version of 'Frankenstein' is being described as a "revisionist" take on the classic 19th century novel by Mary Shelley, about a mad scientist who cobbles together the body parts of the dead to create a monster with the help of a little lightning. Sort of how movies are made, you guys!