Welp, if the movies weren’t going to take Mel Gibson back, you could bet he’d try the TV gold rush eventually, though perhaps not literally. Gibson will star in and produce a new series alongside Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson, following the 1849 Gold Rush of The Barbary Coast.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Gibson will co-write, direct and executive produce the new project from The Mark Gordon Company, based on The Barbary Coast book from Gangs of New York author Herbert Asbury. Russell and stepdaughter Hudson will star as leads with Gibson set to recur, as the project seeks an official home.

So reads the synopsis:

The Barbary Coast begins with the Gold Rush of 1849, which saw the biggest influx of gold-seekers, gamblers, thieves, harlots, politicians and other felonious parasites to the infant city of San Francisco. A unique criminal district subsequently arose that, for almost 70 years, was the scene of more viciousness and depravity — yet at the same time possessed more glamor and intrigue — than any other area of vice and iniquity on the American continent.

Says producer Gordon:

Most people don’t know the scandalous history behind San Francisco, and The Barbary Coast offers a rich portrayal of a period when success was often attained through illicit and brutal means. I’m excited that Kurt and Kate are working together alongside Mel, whose astute direction will bring this devious time in our history to life.

It likely wouldn’t take too long for Gibson to secure a network, but who might pony up for such an unexpected venture?

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