New Yorkers like myself know Midtown Comics as one of the city’s best spots for comic books. It’s huge, has a friendly staff, and an encyclopedic selection of books from around the world. It is also housed on the second and third floors of a building overlooking Times Square, which makes this story from PIX11 particularly strange: A suspected shoplifter entered Midtown and then fled the scene of an alleged crime by jumping through one of the store’s large windows.

A Midtown Comics owner told PIX11:

The man, who appeared intoxicated, entered the store and began to run around, knocking into customers. He then rammed his body into the glass window and jumped to the pavement below.

Ouch. If only he had Kitty Pryde’s phasing powers, all that broken glass could have been avoided.

According to witnesses, the man tried to run away, but was eventually stopped by police, who then took him into custody. Not long after the incident Midtown Comics posted this statement to social media:

So let this be a teachable moment to everyone out there. First of all, don’t shoplift. It’s bad. Second of all, don’t harass the customers of an awesome comic-book store. They’re great. Third, and perhaps most importantly, definitely leave the flying to the professionals. Just because Superman can leap tall buildings doesn’t mean you can. Finally, if you’re in the New York area looking for comics, check out Midtown. I would advise using the door to enter and exit though.

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