We weren't altogether surprised to learn that TV powers would look to develop Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise's 'Minority Report' as an ongoing series, considering the pantheon of movie-TV reboots, but consider our interest piqued. Not only will the new series unfold on FOX, but as a sequel series to the original film with a female lead!

Though it remains to be seen if the new put pilot commitment for FOX will see a 'Minority Report' TV series acting as a direct sequel to the same universe established in the 2002 film, The Hollywood Reporter claims that the new iteration will pick up 10 years after the fall of PreCrime, as established during the film. When one of the three "Precogs" attempts to lead a normal human life, but remains haunted by his future visions, the man meets a detective (ironically) haunted by her past, who "just may help him find a purpose to his gift."

In addition to being executive produced by Spielberg himself, 'Godzilla' writer Max Borenstein will pen a script for the new 'Minority Report,' a Paramount Television co-production, and executive produce alongside Amblin's Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank. As previously noted, any 'Minority Report' TV series would also have to contend with similar subject material from CBS hit 'Person of Interest,' as well as share a name with Comedy Central's forthcoming 'Colbert Report' replacement, 'The Minority Report.'

For those unfamiliar with the film, Spielberg's original 'Minority Report' saw Tom Cruise as future "PreCrime" operative John Anderton, leader of a division that used several "PreCogs" to predict, and foil imminent future crimes. Anderton soon discovers a flaw in the system when his own name is predicted for an impending murder, beginning a race-against-the-clock plot with a cast that included the likes of Colin Farrell, Neal McDonough, Samantha Morton, Max von Sydow and more.

We've included the original trailer below, but what do you think? Are you excited by the prospect of a 'Minority Report' TV sequel? Should the future-drama maintain exact continuity with the original film, or forge its own FOX path?

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