Few things get the geeky synapses firing quite like a Mondo Gallery.

The company behind the most in-demand nerd art on the internet has hosted a lot of very cool shows in their Austin, Texas art gallery, but their latest is bound to give you a nice punch in the nostalgia. As the name implies, “When Dinosaurs Rule the Earth” is all about Jurassic Park, and it features art that runs the gamut from direct recreations of iconic scenes to abstract pieces that use Steven Spielberg’s classic as a basic jumping-off point. And yes, you can peruse the complete gallery below!

Like all Mondo Gallery shows, “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth” features a combination of original, one-of-a-kind work and screen print posters, available in limited print runs. There’s something for visitors with all kinds of budgets, with some posters going for as little as $55 and some of the original pieces going for thousands of dollars. Many Mondo regulars have work on display, including Jason Edmiston, Francesco Francavilla, Aaron Horkey, Jock, Rich Kelly, Ken Taylor and many more. The show is vibrant and exciting, a treat for fans of cool art, fans of Jurassic Park, and the surely large crossover between the two.

The range of ideas on display is nothing short of astonishing. The artist duo Stan & Vince offer their take on the famous T-Rex attack scene, creating a poster that’s as classical as they come. Sam Wolfe Connelly uses the imagery of a mosquito trapped in amber to create an abstract image that is beautiful and eerie in equal measure. Some, like DKNG’s raptor information sheet, look like they could belong on the wall of a dinosaur-loving kid. Others, like Kilas’ grisly take on the velociraptor, may inspire nightmares. Tiny Kitten Teeth and James Flames contribute pieces that are adorable and sweet — they’re only loosely connected to Jurassic Park, but they conjure up the same warm feelings as the more literal work.

Heck, it’s not every day that a gorgeous and terrifying drawing can actually make the infamous San Diego climax from The Lost World: Jurassic Park look cool. Thanks for that, Mondo! We think.

“When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth” will run from June 12 through June 27 at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas. If you can’t make it down, check the images below. Remember, many pieces that don’t sell out will eventually become available for purchase online.

And, of course, click on each image if you want to take a closer look!

Mondo / Rich Kelly
Mondo / Dan McCarthy
Mondo / Sam Wolfe Connelly
Mondo / Tiny Kitten Teeth
Mondo / Stan & Vince
Mondo / Gary Pullin
Mondo / Nicole Gustafsson
Mondo / James Flames
Mondo / DKNG
Mondo / Becky Cloonan
Mondo / NC Winters
Mondo / Todd Slater
Mondo / Kilas
Mondo / Erica Williams
Mondo / Arik Roper
Mondo / Teagan White
Mondo / Francesco Francavilla
Mondo / Jason Edmiston
Mondo / Aaron Horkey
Mondo / Jock
Mondo / Wocco
Mondo / Ken Taylor
Mondo / Frans Boukas
Mondo / John Vogl
Mondo / The Little Friends of Printmaking
Mondo / Brandon Holt
Mondo / Neal Russler

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