Marvel fans are going wild over the fact that a character might have just dropped the first F-bomb in MCU history during the second episode of Moon Knight on Disney+. The show follows a meek museum gift shop employee named Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) who struggles with dissociative identity disorder. Steven faces problems when an alter-ego, Marc Spector, takes over his body and operates as the avatar for the Egyptian god of the moon, Khonshu.

Even in its first two episodes, Moon Knight has already proven to embrace its darker elements. While Marvel's Disney+ has thus far proven to be more or less family-friendly (besides a few bouts of bloody violence in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier which were later censored), Moon Knight isn’t shying away from more mature themes. It might be because Disney+ has updated its parental control feature, allowing adults to set content rating restrictions for any account. This way, Moon Knight can push the boundaries of its TV-14 rating without concern that a young child might accidentally stumble upon it.

Near the end of the second episode of Moon Knight, Steven and Marc get into an argument over being trapped inside the same head. Marc gets fed up with Steven, and begins kicking the glass that Steven is reflected in. As the glass breaks, Marc can be heard shouting something that sounds awfully similar to “Shut the f—k up.” Now, fans are scrambling to figure out if what they heard was correct.

You can view the scene for yourself below, as well as a slowed down version for more clarification:

New episodes of Moon Knight arrive on Disney+ every Thursday.

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