The second season of Netflix’s Narcos made its fair share of deviations from history, even if it ultimately arrived at a fateful end for Pablo Escobar. A two-season renewal since has cemented that Netflix plans to continue the story, but what of lead Boyd Holbrook, whose character left Colombia soon after?

You’re warned of full Narcos Season 2 spoilers from here on out, but where the finale clearly set up Pedro Pascal’s Javier Peña to fight the Cali Cartel in Season 3, less clear was the next step for Holbrook’s Steve Murphy. Both Peña and Murphy left Colombia shortly after Escobar’s demise, but Holbrook tells The Hollywood Reporter they’re at least considering another deviation from history:

We’re still working it out. Steve didn’t retire from the DEA until, I believe, two years ago. He was very active in the DEA for a long time so I’ll leave that up to you to find out. If nothing, I think this show has an incredible opportunity now because Pablo’s not around, but that’s the really interesting thing. He was delivering drugs straight to Miami, personally.

And once he died, the Cali Cartel who took over his power was like: “Screw this, let’s just give it to Mexico and let Mexico deal with it and get it across the border.” And that’s the evolution of El Chapo and things like that. There’s a really great opportunity for this show to have, and that’s always been the plan for [executive producer] Eric Newman — it’s called Narcos, it’s not called Pablo Escobar.

Holbrook also acknowledged the possibility of continuing on with his character operating (and thereby filming) in the United States:

Yeah. There’s many conversations going on about all of this stuff. So we’re letting it play out. The thing that we have now is that we’re in a good position, with the success of the show. So I think that’s given us a little bit of slack.

Pascal has yet to formally confirm his return either, but is Narcos better served by new characters, or to bend history so Peña and Murphy stick around?

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