Now that the chaos of Upfront week has mostly ended, networks have begun to offer trailers for their new midseason dramas and more, including those left out of the first round. NBC has added to its crop of 2013-14 trailers with an in-depth look at J.J. Abrams' buzzworthy new drama 'Believe,' even releasing the script online! 

Are you ready to 'Believe'? NBC has finally unveiled the full trailer for its midseason offering, after notably leaving it out of the Upfront presentation. Helmed by ‘Children of Men’s’ Alfonso Cuaron and starring ‘Twin Peaks” Kyle MacLachlan, Jake McLaughlin, Delroy Lindo and Johnny Sequoyah, 'Believe' tells a story about a gifted young girl and a man sprung from prison who has been tasked with protecting her from the evil elements that hunt her power.

From NBC's official description:

Levitation, telekinesis, the ability to control nature, even predict the future… Since she was 2 years old, Bo has had gifts she could neither fully understand, nor control. Raised by a small group known as the “True Believers,” the orphaned girl has been safeguarded from harmful outsiders who would use her forces for personal gain. But now that she is 10, her powers have become stronger, and the threat has grown more dangerous. With her life and future now in jeopardy, the “Believers” turn to the only person they see fi t to be her full-time protector. That is, once they break him out of jail.

Tate, a wrongfully imprisoned death row inmate who’s lost his will, is initially reluctant – until he witnesses one of her extraordinary abilities. Bo sees people for who they truly are… and who they may become. Tate and Bo begin their journey, one in which trust must be earned. Traveling from city to city, every place they stop and everyone they meet will be changed forever. But they’ll have to keep going to stay one step ahead of the sinister forces after Bo’s power… because it will take a miracle to keep them safe forever

The pilot script for 'Believe' has also made its way online, so click here to check it out!

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