The moment 'LOST' creator J.J. Abrams attached his name to a buzz-worthy, high-concept sci-fi drama on another broadcast network, viewers assumed 'Revolution' would take the same long and winding road toward answering any of its over-arching mysteries. Now, however, it seems showrunner Eric Kripke was right to assure us this wasn't the case, as last night's "Ghosts" revealed the true cause of 'Revolution's' global blackout! Get the answer to the big mystery inside!

No polar bears in the jungle, mysterious wheels of light or corks in the planet, NBC's 'Revolution' has officially been revealed. Rewarding viewers of the acclaimed NBC series, last night's all-new episode "Ghosts" finally answered the season-long question of what caused all electricity on the planet to suddenly dissipate. It wasn't a solar flare or an EMP as some had theorized, so what was it?

Nanobots! Yes, at long last Rachel ('LOST's' Julia Mitchell no less) revealed the true cause of the blackout, that its origin lies in a mysterious "tower" the government constructed to control microscopic robots that serve but two sole functions: absorb electricity and reproduce. At some point, the process escalated out of hand, and the microscopic beings filled the planet, including the very air the characters breathe, absorbing and negating electricity.

Of course, the drive of the series going forward will be to reach the mysterious tower and if not disable, at least reprogram nanobots sapping Earth's electricity, rather than allow General Monroe (David Lyons) to be the only one in possession of power-generating amplifiers.

Even with its main mystery solved, do you think 'Revolution' has enough juice for a second season, or seasons beyond? Are you satisfied with the explanation of Earth's blackout?