A few days ago, world institutions broke down and cats and dogs began cohabitation with news that longrunning high school drama Degrassi would at last end its run, but as tends to be the case these days, it wasn’t long before Netflix rescued the series. Degrassi will officially reemerge on Netflix as Next Class, but what changes lie in store?

Despite having been dropped by TeenNick after 14 years, Degrassi will return on Netflix (and the Canadian Family Channel) with 20 new episodes in 2016, adopting the Next Class moniker. Returning for the new adaptation are Amanda Arcuri (Lola Pacini), Reiya Downs (Shay Powers), Ana Golja (Zoe Rivas), Nikki Gould (Grace Cardinal), Ricardo Hoyos (Zig Novak), Ehren Kassam (Jonah Haak), Andre Kim (Winston Chu), Lyle Lettau (Tristan Milligan), Spencer Macpherson (Hunter Hollingsworth), Eric Osborne (Miles Hollingsworth III), Olivia Scriven (Maya Matlin), Sara Waisglass (Frankie Hollingsworth), and Richard Walters (Deon “Tiny” Bell).

Says Degrassi co-creator Linda Schuyler:

We are energized and excited to work with Family Channel as we tell stories for the new post-millennial teen cohort known as Generation Z, most of whom weren’t even born when Degrassi returned in 2001.

The original Canadian Degrassi goes back 35 years to The Kids of Degrassi Street, while The Next Generation series has aired nearly 500 episodes, the longest run for a Canadian drama in TV history. Cancellation peril certainly didn’t last long, but should Degrassi fans feel relief at the quick revival?