With their continued expansion into original programming, and their highest-profile pickup of the forthcoming new season of 'Arrested Development,' it looks like Netflix might be going back to the cancellation well once more to revive a long-dead series.  Still, might their latest object of desire have been nuked one-too-many times to be revived?

According to intel from TVGuide, Netflix has reportedly begun talks toward reviving the long-cancelled CBS post-apocalyptic drama 'Jericho,' which itself has already been the target of multiple revival efforts.  Even four years after its official cancellation, 'Jericho' remains a popular, and regularly streamed program on Netflix's instant streaming service.

Reviving the drama, which followed the residents of a small Kansas town in the wake of an American nuclear civil war, would take more than a few financial concessions on the part of both Netflix and CBS, difficult considering the money Netflix has already shelled out for 'Arrested Development' and their two-season commitment to Kevin Spacey's upcoming 'House of Cards.'  Additionally, while series lead Skeet Ulrich remains available, co-star Lennie James ('The Walking Dead') has a commitment to upcoming ABC pilot 'Gotham.'

This latest effort is far from the first time 'Jericho' has seen the prospect of renewal, as fan-lobbied campaigns convinced CBS to give the series a second season after its first cancellation, before ultimately cancelling it again.  Since then, talks have fizzled with Comcast to revive the series, plans for a movie have stalled, and currently the series maintains a comic book series with further issues due out this year.  It just won't quit!

What say you?  Would you like to see 'Jericho' given new life on Netflix, or has the series been cancelled too many times for its own good?  Tell us what series you'd most like to see Netflix revive (aside from 'Firefly' in the comments below!