The 'Evil Dead' remake is only about a month away and today we've got a whole batch of 'Evil Dead' pics that continue to promise a truly unsettling horror film.

'Evil Dead' will have its big premiere at the SXSW Film Festival in just about two weeks and today we've got a brand new batch of images from the film and, as you might expect, no one is smiling in these shots (well, with one exception you'll see below).

We've seen some entertaining horror movies over the past year or so but few really scary movies and 'Evil Dead' looks like it could change that (the fact that it originally was rated NC-17 is a good indicator this movie has something extra up its sleeve).

We're also excited about the news that 'Evil Dead' features no CGI and uses all practical effects. Below you can also see some behind-the-scenes shots from the 'Evil Dead' set and there's no green screen here.

'Evil Dead' hits theaters on April 5 and you can check out the new gallery of images below.

UPDATE: Empire has revealed another image from 'Evil Dead,' sticking with its whole "let's scare the crap out of you" theme.