As we've seen all season of FOX's 'New Girl,' the titular Jess and her loft-mates have some pretty famous family members. Not only has the acclaimed comedy's second season featured such famous faces as Rob Reiner and Jamie Lee Curtis as Jess' parents, and recently 'Luck's Dennis Farina as Nick's dad, but an upcoming episode will feature 'The League' star Nick Kroll and comedian Bill Burr as the character's brother and cousin! Find out who else rounds out the famous 'New Girl' family inside!

With a family of such familiar faces, it's a wonder 'New Girl's Nick Miller didn't come out more successful than his current gig of bartender / amateur zombie-novel writer. In addition to the recent news that FX Emmy-darling Margo Martindale would appear on the FOX sitcom as Nick's mother, Entertainment Weekly has revealed that famed comedians Nick Kroll and Bill Burr will join the family reunion as Nick's respective brother Jamie and cousin Bobby.

The March episode will see the loft gang visiting Nick’s family in Chicago, only to discover that human train-wreck Nick is actually the most responsible and mature of the bunch. Whereas Jamie (Kroll) is described as the dim-yet-passionate younger brother and air conditioner repairman, Bobby (Burr) is a loudmouthed TSA agent at Boston’s Logan Airport who is always fighting with Jamie.

Well, what say you? Are you excited to see Nick Kroll and Bill Burr join the ‘New Girl’ extended family as Nick’s brother and cousin? What did you think of the big kiss with Nick and Jess in recent weeks? Let us know what you think of ‘New Girl’ season 2 in the comments section!

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