As much as we love the first season of adorkably (yes, I said it) funny FOX sitcom 'New Girl,' we watched the show under the impression Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winnston and Cece wouldn't find themselves in any hardcore science-fiction scenarios.  That's why the recent 'New Girl' season 2 casting of 'Justified' veteran Raymond Barry has us more than a little curious, as you'll never believe who he's been tapped to play.  Seriously!  You really can't believe it.

According to TVLine, 'Justified' and 'The Closer' star Raymond Barry will join 'New Girl' season 2, but as a very unlikely character.  Barry will play a man who hangs out at Nick (Jake Johnson)'s bar, claiming to be the future version of Nick himself!  It seems like a tough pill to swallow, but what happens when Future Nick seems to know everything that will befall the bartender in the intervening years?

Best known these days for playing Arlo Givens, lead character Raylan Givens' father on 'Justified,' joins the growing number of guest stars for ‘New Girl’ season 2, including 'Traffic Light' star Nelson Franklin as Cece's new boyfriend, ‘The Book of Mormon’ star Josh Gad, ‘Bent’ star David Walton as a bad-boy sex interest for Jess, and former ‘Reno 911!’ star Niecy Nash as a street hooker after Jess’ purse.

Frequent Judd Apatow star (and spouse) Leslie Mann was to play a “shot girl” who catches Schmidt’s eye, but the part was recast with Parker Posey.  Rachel Harris will also reprise her role as the principal of Jess’ school, though judging by what we’ve heard recently, she won’t have good news.

What say you?  Could Nick have lost his marbles, or is Raymond Barry really the future incarnation of Nick Miller?  Tell us what you're excited to see from 'New Girl' season 2 in the comments below!