Fall is here and it's getting colder outside, which means this is the perfect time to cuddle up on the couch with the best new additions Netflix Instant has to offer. From family-friendly adventures to dark psychological thrillers perfect for Halloween, there's plenty to keep you entertained.

October 1

'9 1/2 Weeks' (1986) -- Starring Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger. An art gallery assistant begins a steamy affair with a mysterious man.

'A Bronx Tale' (1993) -- Starring Robert De Niro and Chazz Palminteri. A young man becomes friends with a gangster in the Bronx in the 1960s, causing his father to become concerned.

'Amadeus' (1984) -- Starring F. Murray Abraham and Tom Hulce. The story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as told through the perspective of his rival, Antonio Salieri.

'Diner' (1982) -- Starring Steve Guttenberg, Mickey Rourke, and Kevin Bacon. A group of college friends in Baltimore contemplate their futures.

'Doc Hollywood' (1991) -- Starring Michael J. Fox and Julie Warner. When a young doctor accidentally causes a car collision in a small town, he's forced to work at their hospital as penance.

'Free Willy' (1993) -- Starring Jason James Richter, Lori Petty, and Michael Madsen. A young boy befriends a captive killer whale who's been sentenced to die by its owners and attempts to free him.

'From Russia With Love' (1963) -- Starring Sean Connery and Robert Shaw. James Bond gets involved in an assassination plot to retrieve a device from the Soviets.

'My Fellow Americans' (1996) -- Starring Jack Lemmon and James Garner. Former presidents and rivals must team up to defend themselves from a conspirator in the current president's administration.

'The Man With the Golden Gun' (1974) -- Starring Roger Moore and Christopher Lee. James Bond finds himself in the crosshairs of a very pricey assassin and is forced to hunt his would-be killer down.

'Space Cowboys' (2000) -- Starring Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, and Donald Sutherland. A group of old, retired space engineers are sent to repair a satellite in orbit.

'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan' (1982) -- Starring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and Ricardo Montalban. When his old foe Khan tries to use the life-generating Genesis device as a weapon, Admiral Kirk and his crew must find a way to stop him.

'Dial M for Murder' (1954) -- Starring Ray Milland and Grace Kelly. In Alfred Hitchcock's classic, an ex-tennis player sets up a plot to murder his wife, but when things go wrong, he has to come up with a rather brilliant new plan.

'Romeo Must Die' (2000) -- Starring Jet Li and Aaliyah. A cop out for revenge against the people who murdered his brother unwittingly falls in love with the daughter of a man his father with whom is father is conducting an important business deal.

'Diamonds are Forever' (1971) -- Starring Sean Connery and Jill St. John. James Bond is investigating a diamond-smuggling operation,which leads him to Las Vegas and his nemesis, Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

'Never Say Never Again' (1983) -- Starring Sean Connery and Kim Basinger. When a SPECTRE agent steals American nuclear weapons, it's up to James Bond to save the day.

'Pay It Forward' (2000) -- Starring Helen Hunt, Kevin Spacey, and Haley Joel Osment. A little boy tries to make the world a better place with a very interesting assignment from his teacher.

'Mulholland Drive' (2001) -- Starring Naomi Watts and Laura Harring. After a car accident leaves her with amnesia, a woman teams up with a wannabe actress to uncover the truth in a trek across Los Angeles.

'Queen of the Damned' (2002) -- Starring Stuart Townsend, Aaliyah, and Marguerite Moreau. When the vampire Lestat awakens from his sleep, he forms a rock band that resurrects the queen of all vampires.

'Jackass: The Movie' (2002) -- Starring Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and Bam Margera. The 'Jackass' boys pull pranks and perform dangerous stunts in their first feature film.

'Howards End' (1992) -- Starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson. A man plots to stop his wife from giving their estate to another woman.

'Rain Man' (1988) -- Starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. A father dies and leaves everything to his savant son -- with his yuppie brother in tow, the two travel across the country.

'Enter the Dragon' (1973) -- Starring Bruce Lee and John Saxon. Using a tournament as cover, a martial arts pro spies on a dangerous crime boss.

'A Very Long Engagement' (2004) -- Starring Audrey Tautou and Gaspar Ulliel. A young woman searches for her fiance, who has gone missing from the frontlines of World War I.

'March of the Penguins' (2004) -- Morgan Freeman narrates this charming documentary that tracks the migration of penguins.

'Dumb and Dumber: Unrated' (1994) -- Starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. Two idiotic friends get in over their heads when they acquire a suitcase full of cash that belongs to criminals.

'Slither' (2006) -- Starring Elizabeth Banks, Nathan Fillion, and Michael Rooker. A small town is taken over by slug-like, parasitic aliens.

'Get the Gringo' (2012) -- Starring Mel Gibson and Dean Norris. A criminal sentenced to a prison in Mexico befriends a young boy who helps him stay alive in the harsh environment.

'The Tall Man' (2012) -- Starring Jessica Biel and Jodelle Ferland. When her young son is abducted, a doctor tries to track down the mysterious entity known as "the tall man."

'Striptease' (1996) -- Starring Demi Moore and Burt Reynolds. A single mother and stripper attracts a wealthy congressman and finds herself in a world of trouble.

October 3

'Act of Valor' (2012) -- Starring Alex Veadov, Roselyn Sanchez, and Nestor Serrano. Using real military men and women, this film follows a Navy SEAL team as they try to rescue a kidnapped CIA agent.

October 15

'Intruders' (2011) -- Starring Clive Owen and Carice van Houten. Two kids in different countries are haunted by the same faceless entity every night.

October 16

'Bruno' (2009) -- Starring Sascha Baron Cohen. In this mock-doc, Sascha Baron Cohen takes his Austrian persona to America.

'The Ambassador' (2011) -- Starring Mads Brugger. A Danish journalist goes undercover as a European ambassador to uncover the African blood diamond trade in this hilarious and daring documentary.

October 23

'Bug' (2006) -- Starring Ashley Judd and Michael Shannon. An abused woman meets and falls for a strange man who claims the military has planted bugs under his skin.