Bestflix — ScreenCrush’s monthly video series dedicated to finding the best new stuff to watch on Netflix — is back with more recommendations for December 2015. (If you missed September, October, or November’s episodes, it’s not too late to add more great films and TV shows to your MyList.)

This month on the show: Bill Murray brings old-school holiday variety shows to a new format, when A Very Murray Christmas debuts on Netflix. Plus Christmas gets creepy on the latest episode of the terrific sci-fi series Black Mirror; the 90-minute “White Christmas” stars Mad Men’s Jon Hamm. While you’re stuffing your stockings you can also check out Sam Raimi’s classic superhero movie Darkman. Get in on the ground floor of one of the awards season’s most acclaimed movies with the indie Tangerine, which was shot entirely on an iPhone 5s. And since I guess you were very naughty this year, Netflix is also giving you the first in a whole series of Adam Sandler movies, The Ridiculous 6.

We’ll be back in January with five new recommendations. Until then, don’t forget to browse the full list of what’s new and expiring on Netflix here at ScreenCrush. (Batman Begins ends really soon, so don’t wait too much longer to check that one out.) And make sure you subscribe to ScreenCrush’s YouTube Channel, so you never miss any of the latest episodes of Bestflix, Top Five, or You Think You Know Movies.

Links to This Month’s Picks:
-A Very Murray Christmas (12/4)
-Black Mirror’s “White Christmas” (12/25)
-Tangerine (12/2)
-Darkman (12/1)
-The Ridiculous 6 (12/11)