'Parks and Recreation' has been on a hot streak of casting this season (which we pray isn't a sign of it being the last), yesterday casting Jason Schwartzman as a troubled Pawnee resident, and previous episodes featuring the likes of numerous real-life politicians, Lucy Lawless and Christie Brinkley, so who's next? Fresh off her 'Girls' and 'Raising Hope' appearances, former 'SNL' star Jenny Slate will be the next famous face making her way through the Parks department, as none other than Jean Ralphio (Ben Schwartz) twin sister!

'Parks and Recreation's Pawnee can barely handle one Jean-Ralphio, and now we learn there's another? According to Entertainment Weekly, Jean-Ralphio ('House of Lies' Ben Schwartz)'s own twin sister Mona Lisa (seriously) will make her first 'Parks' appearance, portrayed by none other than former 'SNL' star Jenny Slate.

The previously-known sibling of Pawnee's greatest hipster doofus will appear in a 2013 episode, when Tom (Aziz Ansari) hires Mona Lisa as the newest salesperson at his freshly-opened "Rent-A-Swag" store. Any guesses if she's just as motivated to work as her brother? We're guessing not.

In addition to the recent appearance from former supermodel Christie Brinkley and a serendipitous upcoming appearance from House speaker Newt Gingrich, ‘Parks and Recreation's fifth season has thus far included star-studded turns from Vice President Joe Biden, Lucy Lawless, ‘Breaking Bad‘s’ Jonathan Banks and Glenn Headly as Ben’s parents.

What say you? Can 'Parks and Recreation' handle any more swag than when Jenny Slate plays Jean-Ralphio's twin sister? Tell us your dream 'Parks' castings in the comments!

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