Now that 'Parks and Recreation' has officially debuted its fifth season with the elegantly sweet "Ms. Knope Goes to Washington," we can say that some fans might have noticed a little something off with the premiere. While we may have seen some all-star guests in Leslie Knope's trip through Washington DC, curiously absent was Kathryn Hahn's character Jennifer Barkley, who was the one to bring Ben to the Capitol in the first place. So, will she be back for the coming season?

No worries, Kathryn Hahn fans, for TVGuide officially reports the the fiery comedic actress will reprise her role as the sharp-tongued Jennifer Barkley in the ongoing fifth season of 'Parks and Recreation.' Showrunner Mike Schur says Hahn will appear in at least one of the DC set episodes, rather than return to the town of Pawnee.

Good thing, considering she last left in disgrace having failed Bobby Newport (Paul Rudd) in his city council campaign, and left a lovesick Chris Traeger in her wake. Presumably, Hahn will appear sooner rather than later as Ben's arc in Washington DC will likely only last for a few more episodes.

Apart from Hahn and the Senatorial guest stars seen in the premiere, 'Parks and Recreation' season 5 includes Jonathan Banks of ‘Breaking Bad' and Glenn Headly as Ben’s parents, Lucy Lawless as a new love interest for Ron Swanson, while  current ‘House of Lies’ lead Ben Schwartz will reprise his role as hipster “Jean-Ralphio” for at least one episode.

Are you happy to have Kathryn Hahn back? Are there any other 'Parks and Recreation' guest stars you'd like to see this season? Give us your picks in the comments!