So, the rumor has been for quite some time that 'Game of Thrones' actor Peter Dinklage would be playing Bolivar Trask in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past.' It turns out that rumor is correct. And that rumor about Omar Sy as Bishop? Also true.

During the 'Days of Future Past' panel at Comic-Con 2013, Dinklage finally revealed that yes, he was playing Trask. This seemed evident when we revealed that the new Sentinel design had a "Trask Industries" sign behind him. And if you don't know, Trask is the military scientist who created the Sentinels. This has been the rumor about Dinklage's character since he got cast, so it's nice that it's finally confirmed. How terrible would it be if they tried to pull a John Harrison with him?

Omar Sy is also now outed as Bishop. That too has been the rumor about his character for a while, but it's now confirmed. Bishop is considered an anti-hero who supposedly has a hard time adjusting to working with the X-Men because he came from the future, and they were known only to him in legend. Though considering that it's a movie, he may only share his character's mutant powers and attitudes.

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