Peacock, NBCUniversal’s new streaming service, seems to have a very simple business plan. It goes like this: “You know all the old NBC shows you used to love? Well, now they’re all back, with as many of the original cast members as humanly possible. You still like them, right? Great! Try Peacock.”

Last night, we showed you the trailer for Saved By the Bell, with Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley back as Slater and Jessie, and now here’s Punky Brewster, with Soleil Moon Frye back as the title character from the beloved ’80s sitcom.

Obviously, she’s not playing Punky as the lovable teenager she once was (although that could be interesting, possibly as an Adult Swim show that airs at like 3AM in the morning). Instead, Punky is now a single mother with three children. (She still seems to have a singular fashion sense.) Freddie Prinze Jr., who also appears in this first trailer, plays Punky’s ex-husband.

Here’s the trailer:

Peacock is now available for Comcast TV and internet subscribers; everyone else will have to wait until July to sign up for a free or paid subscription. When exactly Punky Brewster will actually debut on Peacock is anyone’s guess; when the streaming service revealed a whole bunch of trailers for its original programming yesterday, all they said was these shows were “coming soon.” With production around Hollywood are currently shut down because of the coronavirus, soon may not be all that soon.

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