For the viewers who wish that the episode of Black Mirror with the in-eye implants that record everything you do forever had played a little bit more like the first half of an episode of Law and Order, the trailer for the new sci-fi thriller Rememory is here. There’s been a murder most foul: The inventor of a revolutionary technology enabling a person to extract and view their own memories has been shot in his own home, and detective Sam Bloom (Peter Dinklage, in the sort of leading-man roles he should be getting two of every year) takes it upon himself to get to the bottom of things. But the closer he looks into this mystery, piecing it together through fractured vantage points of the scene, the more secrecy and deception he uncovers.

The trailer looks kind of blasé, suggesting a procedural that exchanges interrogations for brain-scanning. Aside from that — Rememory is a bad enough title on its own, but to release it a few months after a movie titled Unforgettable is just asking for trouble. Ironically enough, I suspect neither film will prove particularly memorable.

This is because reviews for Rememory out of its Sundance premiere were, to put it charitably, not glowing. But hey, it’s a magic brain science movie with Peter Dinklage and one of Anton Yelchin’s final performances — even if it’s bad, how bad could it be? (Note: Rhetorical question officially retracted in the event of this film ending with the twist that Dinklage did it.) Rememory will get an early release via Google’s streaming service Google Play on August 24 before hitting theaters on September 8.

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