'Riddick' has been a long-time coming, and we still have a few months standing between us and its Sep. 16 release date. But Vin Diesel and Universal are taking a little of the sting out of the wait by offering up a new international trailer.

This new look is a bit shorter than the previously released US trailer, and it hits many of the same narrative beats we've seen before: Riddick finds himself left for dead on a (seemingly) lifeless planet, sends up a distress beacon, and ends up having to battle his way through a pack of nasty mercenary types ... and then things start to get really nasty. But in spite of its abbreviated length, the international 'Riddick' trailer manages to add a few unseen moments to the mix, including some extra shots of the lethal alien beasts that lurk on the planet and a pretty nifty killshot that our hero gets off after being chained up by his mercenary pursuers.

If this new trailer doesn't sate your appetite for pre-release 'Riddick' goodies, don't fret; Diesel has hinted at a Comic-Con 2013 appearance, and it seems safe to assume we can expect a more extended look at the freaky-eyed space felon's latest adventures when the convention gets underway from July 18-21.