The Bermuda Triangle is one of those places that will forever be shrouded in mystery as scientists and physicists and marine biologists and historians try and fail to come up with reasons for the strange activity found within that infamous patch of the Caribbean. It’s material ripe for a movie, and Universal wants to bring a mysterious project, written and possibly directed by Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail to the big screen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Bermuda Triangle movie, which doesn’t have a title or an announced plot yet, will be getting a new script draft after the studio passed over at least two other imaginings of the project. Universal has been at this Bermuda Triangle movie for a while, with the latest news from five months ago announcing Sam Raimi at the helm. But Raimi has since stepped down, and the production company has found his replacement in the man who created the most popular puzzle box of a conspiracy theory drama on TV right now.

Esmail’s work and willingness to let things get more than a little weird is perfect for a movie about this subject, whatever the plot turns out to be. The Bermuda Triangle has long haunted the public’s imagination after numerous reports of ships and planes disappearing within its borders caused that stretch of ocean to seem a lot more sinister than any tropical sea has any right to be. Will it be aliens? Ghosts? Magnetic fields caused by chemtrails? If Esmail is behind it, you never know for sure.

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