We’ve all heard of it, grown up fearing it, and seem plenty of conspiracy documentaries on late night TV about it: the Bermuda Triangle is possibly the most mysterious known location on the planet, responsible for the disappearances of boats, aircraft, and people who were either never seen again, or ended up miles from where they should have been. It’s a popular topic — there are currently three films about it in development, and Spider-Man and Evil Dead director Sam Raimi might soon board one of them.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Raimi is in talks with Skydance Productions for a “mystery thriller project” about the infamous patch of ocean in the Caribbean. Because both Universal and Warner Bros. are also working on their own takes on the area, production on all three movies has been incredibly secretive. THR does know that Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard, the screenwriting team behind The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and the Prince of Persia movie are behind the latest draft of the script.

It should be noted that Raimi has been attached to projects before that never came to fruition, including a remake of a French crime drama, a World War 3 movie, and something involving tornadoes and heists. His last film was Oz the Great and Powerful, which was neither great nor powerful, and he seems to have been cooling his jets ever since. But he clearly wants to get back into the movie game, and maybe a mysterious thriller about conspiracies and disappearances might do the trick.

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