In 2006, horror junkie Adam Green completed a film called Hatchet, his valentine to the low-rent slasher flicks that pretty much raised him. The seedy, sleazy account of a Louisiana bayou tour group that gets hacked to pieces by a deranged monster named Victor Crowley was received just as Green hoped, too; it didn’t make too much money, but it was adopted by a fiercely devoted fanbase who loved it like a snarling mutant baby. He leaned into the cult-figure lifestyle and cranked out two sequels to the delight of his following, who gathered in L.A. last night to celebrate ten years of Hatchet fandom with Green himself. But he had a surprise in store for them.

Collider reports that Green set off a wave of foamy-mouthed apoplexy among his congregation last night when he revealed a pair of secrets. The first was that he had written, directed, and edited a fourth Hatchet film without the public getting even a whiff of his activities. The second was that he was ready to show it to everyone, right there and then. Green delighted his fans with the unannounced world premiere of Victor Crowley, a film that takes place one decade after the original, when enough time has gone by that the true story of Crowley’s murders has again faded into legend. A new generation of sexy, foolhardy victims will learn that he’s the real deal the hard way, though it’s a little disappointing that Green never followed through on an early pitch for a meta-sequel that saw Crowley stalking and killing the Hatchet producers.

Hatchet-heads outside of L.A., have no fear — last night also brought the announcement that Green and his cast have plotted a “roadshow” tour, in which they’ll bring Victor Crowley to major cities for one-night screening events and Q&A’s. Festival dates also appear to be in the works, though nothing has been specified. All in all, it’s an embarrassment of good news for Green’s disciples.

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