A few days ago, the trailer for 'Seven Psychopaths' arrived and reminded the world that Martin McDonagh, the mad genius behind the truly incredible 'In Bruges,' has a new film out this Fall. Now the film has a series of posters: one main one-sheet and an additional poster for each of the titular psychopaths, showcasing the movie's mind-blowing cast.

First up is the complete cast poster, which sells one of the strongest casts in recent memory. This line-up is so good that makes most 2012 ensembles look embarrassing.

Seven Psychopaths Poster

Olga Kurylenko graces the first poster and after appearing in a rather poor Bond film ('Quantum of Solace') and two forgettable video game adaptations ('Hitman' and 'Max Payne'), it's good to see her in a movie that'll give her chance to actually act.

Seven Psychopaths Poster 1

Christopher Walken tends to play Christopher Walken these days, but that is in no way a bad thing. After all, he's Christopher friggin' Walken. 'nuff said. If anyone knows how to make proper use of him, it's McDonagh.

Seven Psychopaths Poster 2

Colin Farrell can often be hit-and-miss (you can file 'Total Recall' firmly and unilaterally under "miss"), but when he's allowed to use his own accent and paired with the proper director (like he was in 'In Bruges'), he can be phenomenal.

Seven Psychopaths Poster 3

Sam Rockwell is probably the best actor working today (see 'Moon' if you think this is a false statement), so his mere presence her should brighten any movie fan's day.

Seven Psychopaths Poster 4

Abbie Cornish, like Olga Kurylenko, is a pretty face who hasn't been given too many opportunities to stretch her thespian legs yet. This will be her chance.

Seven Psychopaths Poster 5

Tom Waits. With a bunny. That alone should earn your ticket money..

Seven Psychopaths Poster 6

And finally, we come to Woody Harrelson, playing the villain of the film. For an actor who seems to work non-stop, he rarely disappoints.

Seven Psychopaths Poster 7

'Seven Psychopaths' opens on October 12th.

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