Justice League may not have turned out quite as well as anyone hoped (#ReleaseTheSnyderCut), but the DC Extended Universe is lumbering forward nonetheless. Believe it or not, there is an entire movie dedicated to Aquaman due in theaters this fall. And next spring, there’s a movie for a new DCEU character, Shazam, featuring Zachary Levi as the magically powered marvel.

Levi himself just revealed one our very first official looks at the Shazam costume, on his Instagram account:

The look of Levi’s Shazam is very much inspired by the latest look for the character in the pages of DC Comics, with a big lightning bolt on the chest that actually projects energy and crackles and stuff, and a cape attached to the top of the traditional white cape. (The sippy cup is a cinematic addition.)

Shazam opens in theaters on April 5, 2019. It’s directed by David F. Sandberg and also stars Mark Strong as Shazam’s nemesis, Dr. Silvana. (Oh and if you’re expecting Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam, you can get that out of your head right now; he’s not appearing in this film, at least in a major role and will instead get his own solo Black Adam movie before crossing over with Shazam in a sequel. Supposedly.) Less than one year until we get a Shazam movie. What a crazy time to be a live slash a huge comics dork.

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