The wait in between 'Sherlock' seasons has always felt exceptionally cruel, what with the ever-expanding careers of series stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, but Netflix subscribers at least have some good news. Not only has the entire third season been made exclusively available on the streaming service, but multiple bonus featurettes have been sleuthed up to join the new episodes as well.

In addition to the Netflix streaming capability of all three season 3 episodes "The Empty Hearse," "The Sign of Three" and "His Last Vow," 'Sherlock' fans can also enjoy a trio of half-hour documentaries going behind the scenes of production, with a bit of insight into the fourth season as well. Beyond "Sherlock Uncovered: The Return," you'll also see documentaries for "The Women" and "The Villains," including that big finale reveal we know to play out next season.

We'll also get access to the one-hour "Unlocking Sherlock," but what of those eternally hoping on hope for news of the next season? Series producer Sue Vertue updates Vulture to say “We’re literally in the middle of working out what we’re doing and the dates we’ve got. It’s a bit of a watch-this-space, I’m afraid...It’s all going in the right direction. There’s nothing to worry about. Everyone’s very willing to make it work. I’m sorry — that’s all you’re getting for now."

No news is good news, and we'll happily re-watch season 3 and all its surrounding bonus Netflix content in the meantime. What about you? Are you glad to see the third season of 'Sherlock' made available on Netflix?

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